The G535 is designed to provide unsuper vised access control into ,and cut of , high security facilil­ies.

The impenetrable construction virtually eliminates any unauthorized entry to restricted areas,The rigid welded stainless steel construction of the full height rotor turnstiles offers advanced reliability and vandal resistance,and guara ntees many years of the turn­ stile trouble-free operation even in unfavourable en­ vironments.

The rotor is manufactured in stainless steel and is available in either four section (90 degree) or three section (120 degree) versions .

The use of electro-magetic drive and mechanism ensure smooth and quiet operation as well as dy­ namic braking and crossbars positioning.

Design & Construction

  • Designed for sesure operation with asthetics in maind
  • Corrosion protected SIS frame
  • Minimal ecposed hardware
  • Heavy gauge matrrials meeting ASTM standard
  • DB531 consistas of rotor assembly.shield
  • Assembly. barrier section .mechanism housing and ceiling plate.

Dimension & Weight

  • Dimension:1630x 1500×23 1Omm
  • Passageway width: 650mm
  • Net weight: 220kg
  • Packaging volume:4.1cbm

Features & Benefits

  • Bi-directional passage

  • Electrical controls for both directions

  • Integration with any identification or access control system

  •  Automatic reset of barrier wings after each passage

  • Push button switch override controls for emergency situations

  • Cable or wireless remote control o Indoor and outdoor application

  • Heavy-duty high precision mechanism Nickel Plated for high corrosion resistance

  • Mechanism designed not to lock at 45°

  • Modular assembly provides for moving turn­ stiles in through confined routes for final installa­tion

  • Easy access to electronic control modules

  • Modular plug-in electronics provides for easy and quick repairs.

Materials & Finishes

Stainless steel:  all external fabricated materials are composed of #304 stainless steel 

Powder coated: the powder if electro-statically applied, then baked to assure proper curing and adhesion.the color of choice(according to RAL) is available
Galvanized: all exterior tubing and sheet metal surfaces receive a coating of hot molten  zinc(black,light,medium,dark statuary)

  • Programmable electronic selections i.e. Auto relock after a predetermined time if no action is detected.
  • Power failure options – unit remians locked or unlocked during power fail mode.

  • On board counter unit standard – retriev- able by Hand Held module.

  • On board conter unit standard retrievable by hand held module

  • Remote mounting of control electronics possible

  • A Self centering mechanism to ensure com- plete rotation of the head to the rest position

  • An anti backup device prevents reverse rotation once the head has moved 30 degree from its rest position

  • A hydraulic damper to ensure smooth and quiet operation

Control & Interfaces

  1. Biometric integration
  2. Card readers
  3. Metal detection
  4. Electronic/LCD counters
  5. Fail-open or fail-secure locking
  6. Push-button and wireless remotes
  7. Manual key overide both directions
  8. Indicator lights


The reliable operating mechanism with hydraulic damp ning provides gradual slowing and smooth rotation and eliminates sudden, un-expected stops and positioning problems thereby ensuring maximum user safty


  1. 0ver-climb protection roof
  2. 0ver-climb alarm contact output
  3. 0ver-head lighting within the turnstile
  4. 0ver-head lighting within the turnstile
  5. Time-out relay
  6. Heel protectors
  7. Available in fail-safe(open on power failure) or fail-lock (lock on power failure modes) 
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